Hello Everyone, My name is Park Mahathey I am a Junior at The University of Alabama, In this post i wanted to give everyone a little bit of background about me.

I wanted to start off with a interesting and scary story about my birth i was born March 25, 1994 when i was born i was found with several problems with my heart resulting in me having to have open heart surgery just 2 weeks later after my birth. The surgery was called transposition of the Great Arteries a surgery that took 16 hours to complete, along with a long recovery.

I ended up being very fortunate not only making it through the surgery but also being able to have a normal life without people knowing unless i told them or they saw my scar. I was able to do all things anyone else could do i was able to play sports and all other things with no restrictions i played football and baseball all my life and through the high school level all the way up till college. Both of sports have ended up being some of my favorite hobbies along with my friends we try every chance we can to go to baseball games every summer to  stadium we have never been to.

Going along with my hobbies my love of football and baseball guided me to my major which was the reason in me wanting to get into Sports Marketing, it ended up being a major i just liked learning about and going to class and reading about. With this major i hope to be able to work for a sports company and live out my dream of being involved in sports.